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3am things is mostly a Substack about writing, art, and books, which is sort of cheating, since I’m a writer who reads a lot and is currently writing about art. It’s a behind the scenes combination of things I think, read and see, and not all of them at 3am. Which is just as well, otherwise it’d be sheer chaos.

Maybe you’re here because you read The Last Days (if so, thank you!), or maybe you saw my film for Penguin Random House, or maybe you just happened to find this; thank you for reading.

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Things I think about at 3 in the morning. Mostly writing, art and books.


Ali Millar

Author of THE LAST DAYS: a memoir of faith, desire and freedom, ‘22 from Penguin Random House. Debut novel, AVA ANNA ADA, forthcoming from White Rabbit 18.01.24.