What a beautiful, vulnerable and honest piece of writing.

It made me reflect, why do people not share their stories?

Because those organisations who talk about faith, hope and love, tell people they won’t be

I hope the momentum builds too and hope can be restored again in many hearts. I believe it’s just so important for any survivors of any abuse that they know their truth is ALWAYS valid. Whether told or unfold, spoken aloud or held inside through fear, it is still your truth.

Thank you for shining a light on this.

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May 17, 2023Liked by Ali Millar

Thank you Ali. So much to reflect upon in your words here and since watching the documentary last night. Hope. I'm here for it. For the group.

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So much shared story even across different but similarly cult-ish faiths. Makes me sad for all the little girls (and boys) we were without voices and living in so much fear. I love how you write Ali - it’s still raw for me even 10 years on but so healing to connect with others who’ve felt the same. Sending love as always x

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Thanks for speaking out! I often feel this and no one has ever put it into words so eloquently.

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